About the Norfolk Broads Summer Cruise

​The Norfolk Broads Summer Cruise is an annual Christian holiday for young people on the Norfolk Broads. We spend the week cruising around some of the 'must see' destinations of the northern broads, making new friends and spending time with old friends, having lots of fun and enjoying a bit of 'lazy sailing'. We enjoy some of the finest British Summer Weather every year. 


We hire 5 or 6 of Norfolk's smartest yachts, each sleeping roughly 6 people. We moor up (park) together each night, cook and eat on the boats before heading off to a local hall in the evening. After this we spend time talking, playing games and drinking tea crammed in a boat or under the stars.  Our small group of people develop close friendships and community very quickly, something that needs to be experienced to be properly understood!

In the evenings we spend time praising God and building our relationships with him by reading the Bible and through discussion and prayer & worship. We also start the day with a short time to read the bible and pray in our boats. We believe in a living God and expect to meet with God in awesome and exciting ways throughout the week!

The facts

- This year's cruise has had to be cancelled due to the current situation and government advice.

- The planned dates for next year are 21st - 28th August 2021.

- The cost for 2019's cruise was £250 for early bookings (by the end of May), £260 for bookings after 1st June and £270 for late bookings (after 1st July). 2021 prices have not been finalised.
- The Norfolk Broads Summer Cruise operates as a club. You must be a member to come (the £10 fee, included in the cost of booking, is not optional).


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